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Conference Protocol Case Study

This website will provide you with information about the conference protocol. The conference protocol is one of the protocols used as a case study within the Côte de Resyste project. One of the goals of the Côte de Resyste project is the development of tools, currently known as TorX, to support the automatic generation of tests from specifications, as well as the execution and analysis with respect to their implementation.

What you can find here

This site contains a detailed informal description, and four formal specifications and 28 (different) implementations of the conference protocol.

What to do with you questions?

Questions about this site or about the conference protocol case study are welcome at the following email address:

Below you can find publications of Côte de Resyste project.

Project Publications


Conference Protocol Newspage Conference Protocol Website News
Conference Protocol Description Description
Conference Protocol Specification Specifications
Conference Protocol Implementation Implementations

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