24-26 September 2014

University of Twente, Enschede

14th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems

Local Information

Getting to Twente and getting around

The two main train stations that you may be arriving at (for example, from Schiphol) are in Enschede and Hengelo. The current train schedules can be looked up at the Dutch Railways website. You can buy the tickets at the station either at the service desk or at a machine (note though, that the machines do not accept all payment cards, and only some accept cash payment in coins, see here).

Locally, you can get around with a bus or a local train (the same tickets as above apply). The train station nearest (and actually the only one) the university campus is Enschede Drienerlo. With buses there are more options:

  • Bus no. 1 goes between Enschede city center and the campus (goes around the campus), these are the schedules: Weekdays, Saturday (does not operate on Sundays).
  • Bus no. 9 is a fast bus that operates between Hengelo and Enschede stations, stops in front of the university campus (stop Kennispark/UT) and in front of the hotel De Broeierd (stop De Broeierd), these are the schedules: Weekdays, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Bus no. 8 makes a (very long) round trip from the Hengelo station and passes through two stops on the side of the university campus, operates only on weekdays.
  • Buses no. 15 and 16 operate between the Hengelo station and the university campus (go around the campus). Bus no. 15 operates on weekdays during the day, bus no. 16 operate on Sunday afternoon and evening.
The current bus schedule is best checked on the 9292 website. For the bus ride you can buy a single ticket on the bus from the driver. No bus changes are possible on such tickets, and the price will depend on the time of the day and your route (a small multiple of €1.50). Also, it is better to assume that the driver will not be able to break large notes. Alternatively, if you plan to spend more time here or return to the Netherlands in near future, you can purchase an electronic OV Chipcard. Depending on the kind you get you will be able to travel by bus and possibly trains. For details see here.

Another alternative to get around is to rent a bike, there is a rental place at the Enschede station called Fietspoint. Prices are €7.50 for a day rental, and €37.50 per week.

Finally, you can always take a taxi, a taxi ride from the Enschede station to the university campus should cost you in the range of €15.

The two events that we are hosting at the University of Twente, the SPES_XT Summer School and the AVoCS workshop, take place in two different location.

Getting to the Workshop site

The AVoCS 2014 workshop will take place on the University of Twente campus, in the Horsttoren building. The description on how to get to our university can be found here.

The workshop building is marked with number 20 on the university campus map. The building will be sign posted to guide you to the workshop room.

Getting to the SPES_XT Summer School site

The SPES_XT Summer School will take place on the University of Twente campus, in Hotel Drienerburght. The description on how to get to our university can be found here, and Hotel Drienerburght is building number 44 on the university campus map.


We have prebooked blocks of rooms for AVoCS participants in two hotels on the campus or near it:

  • Hotel Drienerburght at the price of 75 Euro (breakfast included). This price is available until September 1st.
  • Hotel De Broeierd Enschede at the price of 95 Euro for a twin room plus 15.50 Euro for breakfast. This offer is available until September 1st.

For Hotel Drienerburght please use the access code "AVOCS" on the main site, for Hotel De Broeierd use the "AVOCS'14" promotional code when booking.


Lunches will be served at the workshop site and are included in the workshop registration.

AVoCS social event

The AVoCS 2014 workshop dinner will be on Thursday evening at restarant Het Vrijdag in Roombeek neighbourhood. We are planning to have a guided tour around Roombeek before the dinner, the tour will start at 17:00 in front of the restaurant Het Rozendaal (see the map below). The buses that can get you to Roombeek are 2, 60, 61, 62 (bus stop Roombeek).

SPES_XT Summer School social event

The SPES_XT Summer School social event will take place on Sunday 21st of September and will consist of a bike trip and a dinner in restaurant Blue Sakura. Further details will be announced during the summer school by the organisers.


For your convenience all the relevant locations are marked on this map:

View AVoCS 2014 in a larger map