track programme

Thursday, April 16 2015

Session 1. Chair: Marielle Stoelinga
  • Ali Sunyaev and Dirk Basten.
    Truth and Myth of Independent Software Testing --- A Controlled Human Experiment.
  • Hadrien Bride, Jacques Julliand and Pierre-Alain Masson.
    Tri-Modal Under-Approximation of Event Systems for Test Generation.
  • Clement Poncelet and Florent Jacquemard.
    Model Based Testing of an Interactive Music System.
  • Andrea Calvagna, Andrea Fornaia and Emiliano Tramontana.
    Random versus combinatorial effectiveness in software conformance testing: a case study.
  • Automated System-level Safety Testing Using Constraint Patterns for Automotive Operating Systems.
    Taejoon Byun and Yunja Choi.
Session 2. Chair: Gwen Salaun
  • Hadil Charafeddine, Khalil El-Harake, Ylie¨s Falcone and Mohamad aber.
    Runtime Enforcement for Component-Based Systems.
  • Pierre-Alain Bourdil, Bernard Berthomieu, Silvano Dal Zilio and Francois Vernadat.
    Symmetry reduced state classes for Time Petri nets.
  • Mohammed Bekkouche, Helene Collavizza and Michel Rueher.
    LocFaults: A new flow-driven and constraint-based error localization approach.
  • Carlos Gregorio-Rodri¬uez, Luis Llana and Rafael MariÃnez-Torres.
    Extending mCRL2 with ready simulation and iocos input-output conformance simulation.
  • Jose Dihego, Augusto Sampaio and Marcel Oliveira.
    Constructive extensibility of trustworthy component-based systems.
Session 3. Chair: Ylies Falcone
  • Marie-Christine Jakobs and Heike Wehrheim.
    Programs from Proofs of Predicated Dataflow Analyses.
  • Francesco Alberti and David Monniaux.
    Polyhedra to the rescue of array interpolants.
  • Arvid Jakobsson, Nikolai Kosmatov and Julien Signoles.
    Fast as a Shadow, Expressive as a Tree: Hybrid Memory Monitoring for C.
  • Daniel Homm, Jurgen Eckert and Reinhard Germa.
    Concurrent Streams in Markov Chain Usage Models for Statistical Testing of Complex Systems.