ECMDA 2007

ECMDA 2007 Conference


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ECMDA 2007 Conference
Third European Conference on Model Driven Architecture® Foundations and Applications

Dan Carmel hotel
Haifa - Israel
June 11 - 15, 2007

Welcome to Israel and to Haifa! We're sure you'll enjoy your stay in Haifa, which offers views of the azure Mediterranean from almost every place in the city. Here is some general information to help you in your stay.

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  • Israeli electric power is 220 V/50 Hz, the same as European. Many, but not all laptop AC adapters will accommodate this, so check before leaving home. If you need a Europe/US outlet adapter, these can often be found in US airport shops or can be ordered from a number of online vendors.
  • The dress code in Israel is generally very casual. Ties would be rather unusual, and jeans and T-shirts are common.
  • The workweek in Israel is from Sunday to Thursday.