Tycho Braams - Integrating physics-based models into fault maintenance trees

author:Tycho Braams
title:Integrating physics-based models into fault maintenance trees
keywords:fault maintenance trees, reliability, Uppaal
topics:Case studies and Applications, Dependability, security and performance
supervisor(s):Dr. E.J.J. Ruijters
Dr. C.E. Budde
Prof.dr. M.I.A. Stoelinga
started:14 November 2017



Fault maintenance trees (FMTs) were developed to model degradation processes affecting physical systems, and the maintenance processes that control and/or undo this degradation. Current FMTs model such degradation in discrete steps, following a particular probability distribution.

In reality, degradation is often caused by physical processes, and do not have such discrete steps. For example, the tread on a car's tires decreases due to friction with the road, and very gradually drops until the tire fails.

This project aims to include such physics-based modelling in FMTs, and to analyze the resulting model using UPPAAL. As a case study, one of several existing case studies from the railway domain will be used.