Early effort estimation@SIG

title:Early effort estimation@SIG
contact:M. Zaharieva-Stojanovski MSc & prof.dr. M. Huisman
to be started:any time


Estimating development effort is an important task in the management of software projects. Although estimation models exist, predicting the effort with a satisfying precision remains a challenge.
The goal of this project is to define a model for realistically estimating the development effort, given functional and/or non-functional requirements. In constrast to existing models that are based on function points, the new proposed model should be based on source code. The model should take the existing components in the system into account, as well as the quality of the code, and past system development velocity. The model should then be used to predict how the system's components will evolve in the future, how much code will be produced (added/changed/removed), and to translate this to expected development effort.