Specification and Verification of Concurrent Behaviour in Android Applications

title:Specification and Verification of Concurrent Behaviour in Android Applications
keywords:Android, formal specification, formal verification, JML
topics:Languages, Logics and semantics
contact:prof.dr. M. Huisman
to be started:any time


The Android Operating System is based almost entirely on Java, however, the general characteristics of a typical Android application is somewhat different from well-known desktop applications. In particular, concurrency is inherently at the base of each Android application - applications are GUI based and controlled exclusively through events. Furthermore, the Android hides many aspects of concurrency under the hood of the system API - a higher level framework for concurrency is provided through message handlers, looper threads, etc. [6]. This project is about developing formal techniques tailored for the specification and verification of Android applications with respect to all kinds of such concurrent behaviours. The generally established specification languages and verification techniques were in principle designed for (Java) programs that are mostly sequential. They were successfully applied to previous (simpler) Java mobile platforms, like Java Card for programming smart cards [1], or Java2ME for mobile devices [2]. The existing concurrency extensions to verification techniques [7,9,10] deal mostly with explicit concurrency, like direct thread creation and execution, or concurrent access to shared data. For this project, all aspects of implicit and hidden concurrency, as well as the extended concurrency API [4,5] of Android shall be studied and new specification and verification techniques should be proposed to support formal verification of Android applications. This would possibly include extensions of the specification language, extensions of the verification logic, and methods for automatically generating specifications.

The specification language that this project should concentrate on is the Java Modeling Language (JML) [3], a de-facto standard formal specification language for Java. The two possible verification techniques to be investigated in the project are the Permission-Based Separation Logic as implemented in the VerCors tool [7], or the Java Dynamic Logic as implemented in KeY interactive verifier for Java [1,8].

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