Frank J. van Es - Type Inference for Graph Transformation Systems

author:Frank J. van Es
title:Type Inference for Graph Transformation Systems
keywords:GROOVE, graph transformations, type graphs A. Rensink (1st supervisor)
dr. I. Boneva R. Langerak
graduation date:July 2008 (mark: 8/10)


Graphs have proved to be a powerful formalism to represent structures in models and meta-models of software systems. In this context, dynamic changes to graphs are described by rule- based graph transformations and the use of type graphs to classify graph structures has emerged as a valuable principle. While most studies towards the integration of type graphs in graph transformation systems rely on the existence of manually created type graphs, this pro ject aims at automatically com- puting these type graphs for graph tranformation systems. As a logical extension, we also consider type graphs with inheritance and verify our ï¬Āndings with an implementation of a type inference algorithm into the GROOVE tool set. The main results of this study show that automatic type graph reconstruction in graph transformation systems is possible and offers valuable insights to graph typings.