FIT 2005

Foundations of Interface Technologies

Sunday, August 21
San Francisco, California
satellite to CONCUR 2005

Component-based design is widely considered as a major approach to develop systems in a time and cost effective way. Central in this approach is the notion of an interface. Interfaces summarize the externally visible properties of a component and are seen as a key to achieve component interoperability and to predict global system behavior based on the component behavior. To capture the intricacy of complex software products, rich interfaces have been proposed. These interfaces do not only specify syntactic properties, such as the signatures of methods and operations, but also take into account behavioral and extra-functional properties, such as quality of service, security and dependability. Rich interfaces have been proposed for describing, e.g., the legal sequences of messages or method calls accepted by components, or the resource and timing constraints in embedded software. The development of a rigorous framework for the specification and analysis of rich interfaces is challenging. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers who are interested in the formal underpinnings of interface technologies.


Topics of interest include

  • Modeling of rich interfaces, handling aspects like
    • timeliness
    • QoS
    • safety
    • reliability
    • fault-tolerance
    • security
    • resource constraints
    • etc
  • Design methods for interfaces, design by contract
  • Verification & analysis of interfaces
    • abstraction
    • refinement
    • assume/guarantee reasoning
    • compositionality
    • property preservation
  • Domain-specific interfaces, use of interfaces, case studies

Important dates

paper submission: June 6 (extended)
notification of acceptance: July 3
final version: July 22

Submission guidelines

Submissions, upto 15 pages (excluding appendices) in ENTCS format, can be e-mailed as a .pdf or postscript file to fit2005 AT Accepted papers will be published in Elsevier's Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science series.

Invited speakers

Madhusudan Parthasarathy
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Hermann Kopetz
Technical University Vienna

Program committee

Frank de Boer
University of Utrecht
Susanne Graf
Thomas A. Henzinger
Holger Hermanns
Saarland University
Bengt Jonson
Uppsala University
Edward Lee
University of California, Berkeley
Rupak Majumdar
University of California, Los Angeles
Jakob Rehof
Microsoft Research
MariŽlle Stoelinga
University of Twente
Clemens Szyperski
Microsoft Research
Lenore Zuck
University of Illinois, Chicago


Holger Hermanns
hermanns AT
Jakob Rehof
rehof AT
MariŽlle Stoelinga
marielle AT