The Term Processor Kimwitu: ongoing work and plans for the future

Some of our plans have been realised (see below), sometimes not by us :-).

Things still to be done:

New ideas are welcome!

Realised plans

Most recent come first. See the CHANGES file of the distribution for details.

License change! Version 4.6.1 (technically identical to version 4.6) of Kimwitu is distributed under the GNU Public License (see our license for details). This gives you the freedom to hack on the source, and redistribute it, without contacting us first. However, this does not imply that we are no longer interested in your hacks/comments/feedback! On the contrary, we are still very much interested in whatever you do with Kimwitu, and in particular, if you hack/change/extend Kimwitu, we are very interested in knowing about it, to see if your work can be integrated in this distribution. Contact: <> or : <>.

kimwitu++, a C++ based kimwitu derivative, based on kimwitu version 4.4 (I think), has been developed at the Humbold University, Berlin.

Recently we ported Kimwitu to Windows NT (we succeeded to compile with visual c++ 5.0 -- simply compile all C files from the distribution, and with gcc from the GNU-Win32 Project).

Recently we added an extension of the patterns that are allowed in with and foreach statements. The idea is to allow pattern matching over several variables at the same time, which should make it easier to compare terms and lists.

For example:

with( C-expression1, C-expression2 ) {
	Pattern1(a, b, c) & Pattern2(d, e, f) : {
		/* code in which one can refer to a,...,f */

Recently we added views to the rewrite rules.

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