Upcoming Presentations

Every Tuesday, at 12:30, in HB 2A -- when at another day, time or location the date in the table below is bold.
Almost all group colloquia are public, and especially MTV students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.
Staff-only group colloquia are indicated like this.
Group colloquia with a special topic are indicated like this.
Cancelled group colloquia are indicated like this.

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Feb 22, 2018ST colloquium
Mar 08, 2018Ansgar Fehnker
Mar 15, 2018(open)
Mar 22, 2018(open)
Mar 29, 2018Joost-Pieter KatoenHow to prove that a program almost surely terminate?
Apr 05, 2018(open)
Apr 05, 2018Marcus GerholdModel-Based Testing for General Stochastic Time
Apr 12, 2018Arnd HartmannsCancelled: A Hierarchy of Scheduler Classes for Stochastic Automata