Every Thursday, at 15:45. Room is announced for each colloquium -- When at another day or time, the date in the table below is bold.
Almost all group colloquia are public, and especially ST students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.
Staff-only group colloquia are indicated like this.
Group colloquia with a special topic are indicated like this.
Cancelled group colloquia are indicated like this.

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Past Presentations

Dec 27, 2011Cancelled; Reason: Holidays
Dec 20, 2011Stefano SchivoANIMO: Analysis of Networks by Interactive MOdeling
Dec 13, 2011Mariëlle StoelingaSpecial: Bachelor Referaat Projects
Dec 06, 2011Mariëlle StoelingaSpecial: Bachelor Referaat Projects
Nov 29, 2011Cancelled; Reason: 17e Nederlandse Testdag
Nov 22, 2011Eduardo ZambonKnowledge-based Graph Exploration Analysis
Nov 15, 2011Minh Tri NgoConfidentiality for Multi-Threaded Programs under Probabilistic Schedulers
Nov 08, 2011Special: Photo shoot for CTIT flyers
Nov 01, 2011Maarten de MolGraph Transforming Java Data
Oct 25, 2011Tien-Loong SiawSaturation for state space generation in LTSmin
Oct 18, 2011Marina Zaharieva-StojanovskiParallelization of Dynamic Programming in Nussinov RNA Folding Algorithm on the CUDA GPU
Oct 11, 2011Mark TimmerWhy Confluence Reduction is Better than Partial-Order Reduction in Probabilistic and Non-Probabilistic Branching Time
Oct 04, 2011Steven van der VegtA Parallel Compact Hash Table
Sep 27, 2011Doron PeledPractical Synthesis of Distributed Control
Sep 20, 2011Jaco van de PolParallel Nested Depth First Search
Sep 13, 2011Mariëlle Stoelinga and Axel BelinfanteExperience from Practice: Formal Engineering the XBus at Neopost
Sep 06, 2011Svetlana PolenkovaStability Analysis of Reset Control Systems
Jun 28, 2011Alfons LaarmanParallel Recursive State Compression for Free
Jun 21, 2011Jeroen KetemaComputing with Infinite Terms and Infinite Reductions
Jun 14, 2011Bart PostmaModeling and Analysis of Dependable Space Systems
Jun 07, 2011Cancelled; Reason: CTIT symposium
May 31, 2011Gijs KantVerification of Control Software at CERN
May 24, 2011Gerrit van der HoevenTitle to be announced
May 17, 2011Amir Hossein GhamarianGraph Passing in Graph Transformation
May 10, 2011Bodo MantheySmoothed Analysis of Algorithms
May 03, 2011Erik HegemanOn the Quality of Quality Models
Apr 26, 2011Cancelled; Reason: System Migration Day
Apr 19, 2011Afshin AmighiFlow Graph Extraction for Modular Verification of Java Programs
Apr 12, 2011Alfons LaarmanMulti-Core LTSmin: Marrying Modularity and Scalability
Apr 05, 2011Axel BelinfantePuptol: Publish yoUr Prototype Tool On Line (and how you can contribute to the FMT web site)
Mar 29, 2011Cancelled
Mar 22, 2011Marieke HuismanModel-Checking Secure Information Flow for Multi-Threaded Programs
Mar 15, 2011Martijn AdolfsenIndustrial Validation of Test Coverage Quality
Mar 08, 2011Cancelled
Mar 01, 2011Elwin PaterPartial Order Reduction for LTSmin
Feb 25, 2011Elwin PaterLTL model checking for LTSmin
Feb 25, 2011*Special: Ontwerp Project Student Presentations: Embedded Systems Simulator Generator
Feb 15, 2011Marco FaellaRevisiting Controller Synthesis for Linear Hybrid Automata
Feb 14, 2011Qiushi WangEfficient, Reliable and Scalable Cloud Computing
Feb 08, 2011Lesley WeversLearning for Compositional Verification
Feb 07, 2011Siavash SoleimanifardProMoVer: A Tool for Modular Verification of Temporal Safety Properties
Feb 01, 2011Marieke HuismanMy Experiences with NWO's Free Competition
Jan 25, 2011Stefano SchivoModeling Biological Signaling Pathways with Timed Automata
Jan 18, 2011Mark TimmerSymbolic Reductions of Probabilistic Models using Linear Process Equations
Jan 11, 2011Special: Demo Creation Lunchmeeting
Jan 04, 2011Staff-only: Administrative Lunchmeeting