Every Thursday, at 15:45. Room is announced for each colloquium -- When at another day or time, the date in the table below is bold.
Almost all group colloquia are public, and especially ST students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.
Staff-only group colloquia are indicated like this.
Group colloquia with a special topic are indicated like this.
Cancelled group colloquia are indicated like this.

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Past Presentations

Dec 25, 2012Cancelled; Reason: Holidays
Dec 18, 2012Staff-only: Administrative Lunch meeting
Dec 04, 2012UT photographerSpecial: Title to be announced
Nov 27, 2012Tim MolderezTackling obliviousness in aspects with data-flow analysis and design by contract
Nov 20, 2012Daniel GeblerCompositionality of Strict and Approximate Behavioral Equivalences in Probabilistic Transition System Specifications
Nov 13, 2012Rob BambergNon-Deterministic Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets: Modelling and Analysis
Nov 06, 2012Stefano SchivoModelling biological pathway dynamics with Timed Automata
Oct 30, 2012Dr. Job ZwiersConcurrency challenges for Game Engines
Oct 23, 2012Marco PasveerImportance sampling for probabilistic timed automata
Oct 16, 2012Minh Tri NgoConfidentiality and Quantitative Analysis for Multi-threaded programs
Oct 11, 2012Mark TimmerConfluence versus Partial Order Reduction in Statistical Model Checking and Simulation
Oct 02, 2012Ferry Olthuis and Daan van BeekDVL: Action weaving for improving verification performance of large mCRL2 models
Sep 25, 2012Alfons LaarmanImproved Multi-Core Nested Depth-First Search
Sep 18, 2012Eduardo ZambonPattern-based Graph Abstraction
Sep 11, 2012Joost-Pieter KatoenGSPNs Revisited: Simple Semantics and New Analysis Algorithms
Sep 04, 2012Alfons LaarmanCancelled: Multi-Core Reachability for Timed Automata
Jul 03, 2012FMTAdministrative Lunchmeeting
Jun 26, 2012Maarten de MolGetting Groove into Secondary Schools
Jun 19, 2012Matej MihelčićCorrect and efficient accelerator programming (CARP)
Jun 12, 2012Stefan BlomThe explicit LTS subsystem of LTSmin.
Jun 05, 2012Jeroen MeijerModel Based System Testing In Practice
May 29, 2012Ronald BurgmanPartial-order reduction in a dynamic context
May 22, 2012Vincent de BruijnModel-based Testing with Graph Grammars
May 01, 2012Afshin AmighiSound Control-Flow Graph Extraction for Java Programs with Exceptions
Apr 24, 2012Wojciech MostowskiVerification of Java Card Programs with Transactions using Explicit Heaps
Apr 17, 2012Harold BruintjesBridge GROOVE to the world using an abstracted language model
Apr 10, 2012Amir Hossein GhamarianGraph Passing in Graph Transformation
Apr 03, 2012Ruben OostingaA Java Bridge for LTSMin
Mar 27, 2012Cancelled; Reason: ETAPS
Mar 20, 2012Mark TimmerEfficient Modelling and Generation of Markov Automata
Mar 13, 2012Lesley WeversImplementing a Concurrent Persistent Functional Language
Mar 06, 2012Eduardo ZambonGraph Subsumption in Abstract State Space Exploration
Feb 28, 2012Tom van DijkParallelizing Symbolic Model Checking For Multicore Architectures
Feb 21, 2012Staff-only: Administrative lunchmeeting
Feb 14, 2012Paul Havinga / Nirvana MeratniaGENESI project
Feb 07, 2012Gijs KantInstantiation of Parameterised Boolean Equation Systems to Parity Games
Jan 31, 2012Cancelled; Reason: DSN Lunchmeeting
Jan 24, 2012Dragan BosnackiEfficient Probabilistic Model Checking on GPUs & Some Applications of Probabilistic Model Checking to Biological Systems
Jan 17, 2012Arend RensinkTransactions (in Groove)
Jan 12, 2012Marina Zaharieva-StojanovskiThe Vercors Project – Setting Up Basecamp
Jan 03, 2012Cancelled; Reason: Holidays