Every Thursday, at 15:45. Room is announced for each colloquium -- When at another day or time, the date in the table below is bold.
Almost all group colloquia are public, and especially ST students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.
Staff-only group colloquia are indicated like this.
Group colloquia with a special topic are indicated like this.
Cancelled group colloquia are indicated like this.

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Past Presentations

Dec 16, 2014Jeroen VonkTest guidance for the Nedap test automation tool
Dec 09, 2014Yanbo ZhangThe story of Ramsey numbers
Nov 25, 2014Lesley WeversAnalysis of the Behaviour of Online Transactional Schema Transformations
Nov 18, 2014Sebastian JungesGraph rewriting on Dynamic Fault Trees for faster state space generation
Nov 11, 2014Jeroen MeijerImproving reachability analysis in LTSmin
Nov 04, 2014Waheed AhmadPower Optimisation of VFI-based Real-time Applications via Model-Checking
Oct 21, 2014Dennis GuckModelling and analysis of Markov reward automata
Oct 14, 2014Maryam HajighasemiSymbolic model checking using Zero Suppressed Decision Diagram
Oct 07, 2014Cancelled; Reason: Group photo
Sep 30, 2014Tobias HeindelBeyond the Rate Equation -- Average motif counts in Markov chains of graph transformation systems
Sep 23, 2014Enno RuijtersThe state of the art in Fault Tree modeling and analysis
Sep 16, 2014Jonathan HeinenVerifying Java Programs - A Graph Grammar Approach
Sep 09, 2014Jorne KandzioraRuntime assertion checking of multithreaded Java programs
Sep 02, 2014Jaco van de PolMechanical Correctness Proof of Nested Depth First Search with Dafny
Jul 01, 2014Stefano SchivoBringing ANIMO to the future of biology
Jun 24, 2014FMTAdministrative Lunch meeting
Jun 17, 2014Vincent BloemenExtending the Finite Domain Solver of GNU Prolog
Jun 10, 2014Tom van DijkMulticore MDDs (developments in MaDriD project)
Jun 03, 2014Paul BonsmaIndependent Set Reconfiguration in Cographs
May 27, 2014Tamás TóthProperty Directed Reachability
May 20, 2014Marina Zaharieva-StojanovskiVerifying Functional Behaviour of Concurrent Programs
May 06, 2014Stefano SchivoSetting parameters for biological models with ANIMO
Apr 29, 2014Stefan BlomThe VerCors Tool for Verification of Concurrent Programs
Apr 22, 2014Bugra M. YildizTime Performance Improvement with Parallel Processing Systems (TIPS)
Apr 15, 2014Arend RensinkModel Transformation - Bidirectionality and Other Issues
Apr 08, 2014Cancelled: Title to be announced; Reason: ETAPS
Apr 01, 2014Saeed DarabiVerifying Parallel Loops with Separation Logic
Mar 25, 2014Gijs KantGenerating and Solving Symbolic Parity Games
Mar 11, 2014Joost-Pieter KatoenQuantitative Analysis of Safety-Critical Systems
Mar 11, 2014Jeroen MeijerImproving Symbolic Reachability Analysis in LTSmin
Mar 04, 2014Arend RensinkIf-Next-Also-Else - An Algebra for Rule Scheduling
Feb 18, 2014Minh Tri NgoQuantitative Security Analysis for Programs with Low Input and Noisy Output
Feb 11, 2014Andreas E. DalsgaardDistributed timed automata model checking using RDMA
Feb 04, 2014Afshin AmighiFormal Specifications for Java's Synchronisation Classes
Jan 28, 2014Vieira De CamargoInvestigating the Impact of Energy Concerns in Cyber-Physical Systems
Jan 21, 2014Lesley WeversOptimizing Transaction Execution in a Purely Functional Database: Towards Database Maintenance without Downtime
Jan 13, 2014Arend RensinkTitle to be announced