Every Thursday, at 15:45. Room is announced for each colloquium -- When at another day or time, the date in the table below is bold.
Almost all group colloquia are public, and especially ST students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.
Staff-only group colloquia are indicated like this.
Group colloquia with a special topic are indicated like this.
Cancelled group colloquia are indicated like this.

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Past Presentations

Dec 13, 2016Wytse OortwijnShort presentation
Dec 06, 2016Mariëlle StoelingaHow risk happens, and stochastic model checking can help.
Nov 29, 2016Mohammadsadegh MohagheghiImproving Utility-Aware Scheduling Heuristics for Soft Real-time Systems with Stochastic Running Times
Nov 22, 2016Richard HeijblomTitle to be announced
Nov 15, 2016Enno RuijtersUniform analysis of Fault Trees through Model Transformations
Nov 08, 2016Carlos E. BuddeCompositional Construction of Importance Functions in Fully Automated Importance Splitting
Nov 01, 2016CancelledCancelled: Title to be announced; Reason: CTiT Symposium
Oct 25, 2016Arend RensinkModel Patterns
Oct 11, 2016Vincent BloemenMulti-core SCC-based LTL Model Checking and Ongoing Work on Checking ω-Automata
Oct 04, 2016Maarten van Steen, Iddo Bante, Nienke Nijenhuis-BroersmaSpecial: CTiT leerstoelbezoek
Sep 27, 2016Arnd HartmannsFlexible Support for Time and Costs in Scenario-Aware Dataflow
Sep 20, 2016Arend RensinkCancelled: Title to be announced; Reason: Speaker cancelled
Sep 13, 2016Waheed AhmadSynthesizing Energy-Optimal Controllers for Multiprocessor Dataflow Applications with Uppaal Stratego
Sep 06, 2016Haoran LiModel checking on key rollover method of DNSSEC
Jul 12, 2016Jaco van de PolParametric Interval Markov Chains
Jun 28, 2016Rick HindriksProbabilistic Vulnerability Analysis of Network Architectures
Jun 21, 2016Ruonan LiCycle extension in edge-colored complete graphs
Jun 14, 2016Arnd HartmannsJANI: Quantitative Model and Tool Interaction
Jun 07, 2016Freek van den BergEfficiently Computing Latency Distributions by Combined Performance Evaluation Techniques
May 31, 2016FMT and Living Smart Campus groupsSpecial: Meeting to search for avenues of collaboration
May 24, 2016Lesley WeversLazy Evaluation for Concurrent OLTP and Bulk Transactions
May 17, 2016Waheed AhmadEvaluating QoS of Batteries in MPSoC Dataflow Applications via Hybrid Automata
May 10, 2016Jeroen MeijerBandwidth and Wavefront Reduction for Static Variable Ordering in Symbolic Reachability Analysis
May 03, 2016Tom van DijkWorkers in forests: developments in parallel decision diagrams
Apr 26, 2016Sven SantemaSDF visualisations: Beyond the Gantt chart
Apr 19, 2016Sven M. HallbergLanguage-Theoretic Lessons in Protocol Design
Apr 12, 2016Special: Administrative lunchmeeting
Apr 05, 2016TI Design studentsBiological Networks for everyone, with web-ANIMO!
Mar 29, 2016Dennis GuckExploring Model Conformance Relations for ACAS X
Mar 15, 2016Ansgar FehnkerStatic program analysis with Goanna
Mar 08, 2016Clément PonceletInteractive Music Systems and Model-Based Testing
Mar 01, 2016Ale StrooismaIncident Detection and Resolution for the Ovis Telematics Shepherd platform
Feb 23, 2016Marieke HuismanVerification of Concurrent Software
Feb 17, 2016Joost-Pieter KatoenProbabilistic Programming: Fun, but Intricate
Feb 09, 2016Stefan BlomVerCors: a Layered Approach to Practical Verification of Concurrent Software
Feb 02, 2016Waheed AhmadApplying Model-Driven Engineering for Hardware/Software Co-design of Dataflow
Jan 26, 2016Harry Buhrman (CWI)Quantum Computers and Quantum Software
Jan 19, 2016Rom LangerakArbitrary precision discretisation of continuous dynamical systems using UPPAAL
Jan 12, 2016Niels WoltersGenerating Uppaal Models from Attack Trees