Every Tuesday, at 12:30, in HB 2A -- when at another day, time or location the date in the table below is bold.
Almost all lunch meetings are public, and especially MTV students and students who do their master project within FMT are heartily invited.
Staff-only lunch meetings are indicated like this.
Lunch meetings with a special topic are indicated like this.
Cancelled lunch meetings are indicated like this.

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Upcoming Presentations

Mar 28, 2017Peter van DijkTitle to be announced
Apr 04, 2017Ansgar FehnkerBetter than B.A.T.M.A.N.
Apr 11, 2017ReservedDesign project presentation
Apr 18, 2017Saeed DarabiTitle to be announced
Apr 25, 2017Bugra M. YildizTitle to be announced

Past Presentations

Mar 21, 2017Lisanne van den BergDesign and implementation of ICT-based communication systems for victim-offender mediation
Mar 14, 2017Arend RensinkData Management at FMT
Mar 07, 2017Robbert KrebbersIris: a framework for higher-order concurrent separation logic in Coq
Feb 28, 2017Tatiana FilatovaDecisions, interactions and expectations formation in agent based models of coupled social-ecological systems
Feb 07, 2017Peter HoefnerUsing Process Algebra to Design Better Protocols
Jan 31, 2017Maurice van KeulenManaging uncertainty in data: The key to effective management of data quality problems
Jan 24, 2017Marcus GerholdPassive Learning for Verification
Jan 19, 2017Sean Sedwards (INRIA Rennes)Lightweight verification methods for nondeterministic probabilistic models based on statistical model checking
Jan 17, 2017Pedro R. D'ArgenioIs your software on dope?: Formal analysis of surreptitiously “enhanced” programs
Jan 03, 2017Cancelled due to holidaysCancelled: Cancelled; Reason: Holidays