Sep 27, 2011: Doron Peled: Practical Synthesis of Distributed Control

September 27, 2011Practical Synthesis of Distributed Control
Room: Zi 5126Doron Peled

Classic distributed control problems have an interesting dichotomy: they are either pretty
simple or undecidable. If we allow the controllers to fully synchronize, then synthesis is
simple. In this case, controllers effectively have complete information, resulting in a trivial
control problem. But when we eliminate communication and restrict the supervisors to locally
available information, the problem becomes undecidable. In this work proposal to study
algorithms for a middle way. Communication is, in most applications, expensive, and should
hence be minimized. We therefore study solutions that try to communicate only scarcely
and, while allowing communication in order to make joint decision, favors local decisions over
joint decisions that require communication.