Jan 25, 2011: Stefano Schivo: Modeling Biological Signaling Pathways with Timed Automata

January 25, 2011Modeling Biological Signaling Pathways with Timed Automata
Room: Zi 5126Stefano Schivo

In the last decade, biological experiments have been producing unbelievable quantities of data, which would be impossible to analyze without automatic assistance. Thus, bioinformatics is mainly focused on developing theories and tools for the analysis of large amounts of data. Nonetheless, it is also of primary importance to derive some theories from the available observations: modeling complex biological concepts can be of help in order to understand how what is observed works. If the models are based on computational assistance, they may offer the possibility to perform other experiments: the so-called "in-silico" experiments. In my presentation I will give an illustration about what biological signaling pathways are, and explain the current state of our effort towards a modeling environment which will hopefully allow biologists to obtain meaningful insights on the subject.