Nov 22, 2011: Eduardo Zambon: Knowledge-based Graph Exploration Analysis

November 22, 2011Knowledge-based Graph Exploration Analysis
Room: Zi 5126Eduardo Zambon

In a context where graph transformation is used to explore a space of possible solutions to a given problem, it is almost always necessary to inspect candidate solutions for relevant properties. This means that there is a need for a flexible mechanism to query not only graphs but also their evolution.

In this talk we show how to use Prolog queries to analyse graph exploration. Queries can operate both on the level of individual graphs and on the level of the transformation steps, enabling a very powerful and flexible analysis method. This has been implemented in the graph-based verification tool GROOVE. As an application of this approach, we show how it gives rise to a competitive analysis technique in the domain of feature modelling.

(Presented at the AGTIVE 2011 Conference)