Jun 05, 2012: Jeroen Meijer: Model Based System Testing In Practice

June 05, 2012Model Based System Testing In Practice
Room: Zi 5126Jeroen Meijer

The Medipix2 chip is developed by the medipix2 collaboration. One of its collaborators is CERN in Geneva. A medipix2 chip is capable of counting individual photons in the X-ray spectrum. A single medipix2 chip contains 256 x 256 pixels, each pixel has the ability to count up to several thousand photons per second. A typical usage of the medipix2 chip is to continuously count photons, readout these counters and reset these counters. At PANalytical four medipix2 chips are used in a PIXcel 3D 2x2 detector to perform X-ray diffraction. In order to control the four medipix2 chips software is written for an embedded micro controller in this detector. The goal of the internship at PANalytical is to test the behaviour of the detector on a system level. We use the mCRL2 modeling language, jTorX and Java to write an adapter between jTorX and the detector. Interesting topics such as build server integration are also covered.