Apr 23, 2013: Steven te Brinke: A Design Method for Modular Energy-Aware Software

April 23, 2013A Design Method for Modular Energy-Aware Software
Room: Zi 5126Steven te Brinke

The reduction of energy consumption by software-controlled systems has many advantages, including prolonged battery life and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, being able to implement energy optimization in the software is essential. This requires models that allow analyzing the energy consumption of the system. Therefore, we have devised a notation for Resource-Utilization Models (RUMs) based on energy state charts. RUMs are part of a component's application programming interface (API) to facilitate the modular implementation of optimizations. RUMs are defined as over abstractions of the component's behavior. At this moment we are exploring how RUMs can automatically be extracted from source code by using counterexample-guided abstraction refinement (CEGAR), as provided by the tool MAGIC.