Dec 03, 2013: Mehmet Akşit: Twente – Aselsan Research Cooperation

December 03, 2013Twente – Aselsan Research Cooperation
Room: HalB 2FMehmet Akşit

As most of you probably know, we have signed a research contract with Aselsan for 10 PhD positions:

The total budget of these projects are approximately 3 000 000 Euro’s including the salaries.

I will start my talk first by referring to the following concerns: (a) the experiences and the needs from the Industry; (b) an overall view of the projects and how they relate to each other; (c) the assumptions made and the approach.

I will then focus on the projects one by one. Along this line, I will give information on the following issues: (a) novel features; (b) balance between precision and scalability; (c) analytical vs. empirical  evidence; (d) quality trade-off; and (e) cost vs. benefits.