Jan 28, 2014: Vieira De Camargo: Investigating the Impact of Energy Concerns in Cyber-Physical Systems

January 28, 2014Investigating the Impact of Energy Concerns in Cyber-Physical Systems
Room: HalB 2FVieira De Camargo

The goal of this presentation is twofold. The first one is to present our ongoing research in the context of energy-aware software and adaptive cyber-physical systems. Our claim is that energy is a concern very hard to implement in a modular way due to both language limitations and its own characteristics. Based on that, we are initially investigating what kind of impact cyber-physical systems suffers when energy has to be considered in evolution scenarios. Some initial evolution scenarios with voltage, watts and joules, will be discussed as well as the impact they causes in the system. An initial proposed model for adaptive cyber-physical systems will also be shown. The second goal is to present other research lines I have been working on at the AdvanSE group in the Computing Department of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) in Brazil.