Apr 15, 2014: Arend Rensink: Model Transformation - Bidirectionality and Other Issues

April 15, 2014Model Transformation - Bidirectionality and Other Issues
Room: HalB 2FArend Rensink

Model transformation is a hot topic, but what does it entail in practice? What are the research questions involved?

During my sabbatical in York I acquainted myself with the Epsilon model transformation language and tools, and using those, defined a small model transformation from SDF3 to Uppaal, which is currently being used in the Sensation project. I will use this example to explain the concepts and demonstrate the state-of-the-art tooling in model transformation.

I will then discuss some of the (open) research questions in this area, especially concerning the notion of correctness and what that means in this context. One such question is the /bidirectionality/ of model transformation, which I will explore in slightly more depth.