Apr 22, 2014: Bugra M. Yildiz: Time Performance Improvement with Parallel Processing Systems (TIPS)

April 22, 2014Time Performance Improvement with Parallel Processing Systems (TIPS)
Room: HalB 2FBugra M. Yildiz

The project TIPS aims at developing methods, techniques and tools for mapping software systems onto parallel and/or multicore processor architectures in a convenient way. To this aim, the project develops expertise and skills in the following important topics: How to compute the most critical paths in software?; How to identify the parallelizable parts of the critical paths in software without changing its semantics?; How to compute the performance of the model of the software to be parallelized before the costly programming effort is carried out?; How to design the optimal task schedulers?; How to dynamically tune the parallelized software?; and experimentation. In this talk, the presenter will talk about the main steps of the TIPS project and the progress has been done so far.