Jun 17, 2014: Vincent Bloemen: Extending the Finite Domain Solver of GNU Prolog

June 17, 2014Extending the Finite Domain Solver of GNU Prolog
Room: HalB 2FVincent Bloemen

As a result of an internship at Axini with an accepted paper for the CICLOPS workshop in Vienna, three extensions for the Finite Domain Solver of GNU Prolog were developed. First, the solver now supports negative integers. Second, the solver detects and prevents integer overflows from occurring. Third, the internal representation of sparse domains has been redesigned to overcome its current limitations. The preliminary performance evaluation shows a limited slowdown factor with respect to the initial solver, which is widely counterbalanced by the new possibilities and the robustness of the solver. Furthermore these results are preliminary and some directions to limit this overhead are discussed.

The presentation will provide an overview of GNU Prolog and its constraint solver. I will talk about my work on the solver, the results and some future directions. This talk is intended as a practice session for my presentation at the CICLOPS workshop.