Jan 27, 2015: Stefano Schivo: ANIMO - an update/introduction

January 27, 2015ANIMO - an update/introduction
Room: HalB 2FStefano Schivo

ANIMO (Analysis of Networks with Interactive MOdeling) is a software tool developed for biologists with the help of biologists. Its objective is to help understand how the networks that drive cellular life work, and how they direct the response to external stimuli (medicines, changes in the environment etc). Those networks are very complex, and sometimes expert biologists have a hard time keeping track of "what is going on there". Biologists feel the need to formalize their (group's) current knowledge on biological networks, so that they can better plan, integrate and share the research carried out in the laboratory. However, training in formal methods is definitely not one of the strong points of a biology curriculum. ANIMO was built to bridge the gap between biology and formal methods, allowing to produce models and analyze them with the proper tools, without the necessity to learn about new formalisms.

The presentation comes (mostly) from courses aimed at biology/medicine students, so it can also be interesting to see how "they" see "us" ;)