Nov 10, 2015: Zanbo Zhang: Cycle Problems and Path Problems in Digraphs

November 10, 2015Cycle Problems and Path Problems in Digraphs
Room: HB 2AZanbo Zhang

Cycle problems and path problems in graphs and digraphs have been studied extensively for more than half a century. They have formed a fruitful research field containing lots of interesting and challenging problems on graph theory, algorithm design and computational complexity.

In this talk, I will mainly focus on theoratical aspect. Firstly, I will give a rough overview on the various conditions and richful structures in this field. Then, due to my personal bias and research work, I will go a little further into several topics on cycles and paths in digraphs, including different forms of degree conditions for hamiltonian cycles, cycles and paths of many lengths, and a special class of digraph - tournaments.‚Äč