Nov 15, 2016: Enno Ruijters: Uniform analysis of Fault Trees through Model Transformations

November 15, 2016Uniform analysis of Fault Trees through Model Transformations
Room: HB 2BEnno Ruijters

As the critical systems we rely on every day, suck as nuclear power plants and airplanes, become ever more complex, the need to rigorously verify the safety and dependability of these systems is becoming very clear. Furthermore, deliberate attacks have become a prominent cause of concern for safety and reliability.

One of the most prominent techniques for analyzing such systems if fault tree analysis (FTA), and a whole forest of variants, extensions, and analysis tools have been developed. In the security field, FTA was the inspiration for attack trees, used to analyze systems for vulnerability to malicious attacks.

This presentation presents a meta-model describing many varieties of fault and attack trees, as well as combined attack-fault trees. We provide translations to and from different formalisms, as well as our own analysis engine for combined models. We demonstrate the framework on three case studies.