May 17, 2018: Birna van Riemsdijk: Formal Methods for Intimate Computing

May 17, 2018Formal Methods for Intimate Computing
Room: RA 3334Birna van Riemsdijk

Personal and intimate technologies such as mobile location sharing technology, quantified self, social media, high-tech fashion, and virtual coaches “come close” to us in our daily lives, affecting physical, personal and social aspects of our identity. Intimate computing is about creating software that can take into account people's vulnerability arising from the intimate nature of these technologies. As part of this broader aim, we investigate software that can adapt its behaviour to norms and values of people at run-time, in particular in the context of behaviour support technology. Viewing norms as expressions of desired behaviour, we use logic and accompanying formal semantics to make precise when people's behaviour can be viewed as norm compliant. In particular, considering the temporal nature of people's daily activities, we present recent explorations in defining a variant of the real-time temporal logic TPTL to represent and reason about activities of daily living. This logical framework forms the foundation for a generic framework for monitoring, reasoning, and supporting people in their daily lives with respect for their norms and values.