May 03, 2011: Erik Hegeman: On the Quality of Quality Models

May 03, 2011On the Quality of Quality Models
Room: Zi 5126Erik Hegeman

Quantitative assessment of software source code quality can contribute to the overall quality of delivered products and services in IT. In this final master project, performed at Info Support BV in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, we identify software tools that can be used to quantitatively assess the quality of software, select a tool or combination of tools to use in a proof of concept that demonstrates practical applicability and validate assessment results by comparing them with financial indicators and expert opinions on quality. For the purpose of validation, we will use a subset of Info Support managed projects as sample data.
The project started in three months ago. Sonar, along with some supportive tools, has been selected to be used in the proof of concept. This tool incorporates the SQALE quality model (, which plays an important role in this research. The expert opinion survey has been conducted and financial quality information has been obtained. We are now in the phase in which we can start analyzing and interpreting results. Early conclusions can be drawn and items of discussion have been identified. Goal of this presentation is not only to inform about this research, but also to discuss about early findings and provide input for the remainder of the project.

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