2nd Joint International Workshop on

Process Algebra and Performance Modelling
Probabilistic Methods in Verification

a workshop affiliated to FLOC 2002

July 25th-26th, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark

The proceedings have appeared as LNCS 2329

1st Call for Papers: pdf, ps

Aim and Scope of the workshop

The second Joint International PAPM-ProbMiV workshop addresses researchers facing probabilistic phenomena or developing probabilistic methods in the design and analysis of software and hardware systems, be it as a means to derive efficient algorithms (e.g. randomization), as a model for unreliable or unpredictable behavior (as in the study of fault-tolerant systems and computer networks), and as a tool to design and study performance and dependability properties.

The central aim of the workshop is to increase the cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques between areas that are usually not in regular contact through conferences. Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest for the workshop include:

Program committee

Steering committee

The steering comitee of PAPM consists of Ed Brinksma, University of Twente, Roberto Gorrieri, University of Bologna, Ulrich Herzog, University of Erlangen, and Jane Hillston, University of Edinburgh.
Members of the steering comitee of PROBMIV are Marta Kwiatkowska (chair), University of Birmingham, Luca de Alfaro, University of California at Santa Cruz, Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania, Christel Baier, University of Bonn, Michael Huth, Imperial College, Joost-Pieter Katoen, University of Twente, Prakash Panangaden, McGill University, and Roberto Segala, University of Verona.

Important dates

Deadline for Submission: March 1, 2002
Notification to Authors: April 23, 2002
Final Version due : May 23, 2002

Invited Speakers


(Submission is closed.)

The proceedings have appeared as LNCS 2329

Paper submissions should present original research, described in sufficient detail to assess the merits and relevance of the contribution. The results must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere, including the proceedings of other symposia or workshops. Tool papers should describe a tool that has already been implemented. Some aspects of the tool or of its application areas should be new with respect to other papers describing the same tool, and they should be relevant to the topics of this workshop. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2002. The submissions should not exceed sixteen (16) pages, formatted according to Springer LNCS style. Submissions departing significantly from these guidelines risk rejection. The address, telephone number, and email address of the corresponding author should be indicated on the submission. One author of each accepted paper will be expected to present it at the workshop.

Paper submission will be electronical via this webpage; the accepted formats are Postscript and PDF. Submission will be open starting February 21, 2002.

The workshop proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as a Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume. The 2001 edition of the workshop has appeared as volume 2165 in this series.

The proceedings have appeared as LNCS 2329


is via the FLOC registration office.

Scientific programme

The preliminary programme can be found here.

Further information

Additional information can be obtained from Holger Hermanns or Roberto Segala.

Local Organisation

to be announced

History of the workshop

PAPM-PROBMIV results from the combination of two workshops: PAPM ('Process Algebras and Performance Modeling') and PROBMIV ('Probabilistic Methods in Verification').

The PAPM workshop was founded by Jane Hillston and Faron Moller in 1992. From its beginning it has been a forum for a growing community of researchers and practitioners interested in the development and application of compositional formalisms for performance modelling. The principal subject areas of the workshop are process algebras and their application to performance and dependability modelling, the relationship between stochastic process algebras and other modelling paradigms, case studies, formal aspects of other approaches to performance modelling, timed and probabilistic extensions of other formal description techniques that are used for performance evaluation.

The PROBMIV workshop was initiated by Marta Kwiatkowska in 1998. Its aim is to gather researchers interested in the use of probability in the context of computer aided verification. A sequence of three workshops (1998 -- LICS sattelite, 1999 -- CONCUR sattelite, 2000 -- Dagstuhl seminar) has established a lively forum for the discussion of the whole spectrum of probabilistic methods in verification, ranging from theory, through specification and verification techniques, to practical applications and experimental work. It has become appareant that -- on the one hand -- the verification field is becoming ready to tackle new, partly non-functional application domains, and -- on the other hand -- experts in performance analysis and randomization would like to see verification tools tailored to their needs.

Over the years both PAPM and PROBMIV have turned from a forum for discussions of ongoing work, to well respected platforms to publish novel scientific results. At the same time the objectives and audiences of PAPM and PROBMIV have broadened, and converged. This fact has lead to the organization of the first Joint International PAPM-PROBMIV workshop held in Aachen, Germany, in September 2001.

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