2nd International Workshop on Probabilistic Methods in Verification

a satellite to CONCUR'99

August 23rd, 1999, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
(to coincide with EXPRESS'99, another satellite)

Scope of the workshop

Probability inherently features in software and hardware systems, either as a means to derive efficient solutions (e.g. randomization), or as a result of unreliable or unpredictable behaviour (e.g. fault-tolerant systems, computer networks, etc). Probabilistic verification encompasses a range of theoretical, algorithmic and programming methods that assist in establishing the correctness of probabilistic systems against specifications. Typically this involves calculating the probability bounds for a temporal logic formula being satisfied, based on an appropriate probability space on computations, but also includes properties such as cost analysis and long-run average. Additionally, probabilistic verification can provide guarantees the specifications hold with satisfactory probability in cases when conventional model checking is not feasible.

The idea of this workshop is to bring together researchers that apply probabilistic methods across the whole spectrum of verification. The meeting aims to enable cross-fertilisation of ideas and techniques between areas that are usually not in regular contact through conferences, from semantics, probability theory, performance analysis and computational linear algebra, through randomized algorithms, probabilistic logics, model checking, abstract interpretation, to practical experimental work, tools and applications.

This is the second workshop of this kind. The first meeting, PROBMIV'98, was held in 1998 as a satellite to LICS. In 1999, the workshop takes place as a satellite to CONCUR.

Invited papers

Accepted contributions


is via the registration form for CONCUR'99. There is no registration charge for PROBMIV'99, but pre-registration is required. Note that early registration for CONCUR'99 ends on 1st July!

Further information

This web page will be updated periodically to take account of any developments. Additional information can be obtained from Marta Kwiatkowska or Holger Hermanns.

Steering and Program committee

Important dates

Deadline for Submission: 17 May (closed)
Notification to Authors: 28 June
Final Version due : 20 July

Local Organisation

Holger Hermanns, University of Twente, and Erik de Vink, Free University Amsterdam.

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