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CASH :: Report 2003 :: 617.023.002 Compositional Analysis and Specification of Hybrid Systems

A. Inventarisatie onderzoekproducten 2003| Publications| B. Samenvatting

A. Inventarisatie onderzoekproducten 2003

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B. Samenvatting

Hybrid systems are systems with interacting discrete and continuous dynamics, as becoming more and more important in computer and systems engineering ("embedded systems", "multi-modal systems", "switching controllers"). The main aim of the project is to develop a well-defined compositional formalism for the specification and analysis of hybrid systems. This means that complex hybrid systems are efficiently described and designed as a (large number of) interacting hybrid system components. In line with a strong international trend for cooperation between computer scientists and control engineers on this topic, the project is carried out in collaboration between computer science (UT-INF) and mathematics (UT-TW). In particular, the project aims at combining the expertise on the process algebraic specification of discrete systems within formal methods research in computer science with the knowledge on continuous systems as available in mathematical systems theory. Furthermore, interesting subclasses of hybrid systems are identified that allow for algorithmic tool support, either with the aid of existing or future tool environments.

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