Steering committee

The Software Validation Centre will have a steering committee consisting of representatives of companies that have an interest in applying validation techniques and tools within their organisations. The primary task of this committee is to help guide the project research programme in order to optimise its relevance and applicability. Besides evaluating the project results, it is intended that the committee will have an important role in refining the project work programme for the later years. The committee will be instrumental in identifying useful practical problems and interesting application case studies, as well as for attracting validation contract research once the SVC has been established.

The following experts (and their companies) have agreed to join the SVC steering committee:

K. Brockmann Lucent Technologies
G. P. Kolk Holland Railconsult
E. Kwast KPN
R. Prins IBM
W. Vree RWS
K. Wijbrans CMG

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