GROOVE is a project centered around the use of simple graphs for modelling the design-time, compile-time, and run-time structure of object-oriented systems, and graph transformations as a basis for model transformation and operational semantics. This entails a formal foundation for model transformation and dynamic semantics, and the ability to verify model transformation and dynamic semantics through an (automatic) analysis of the resulting graph transformation systems, for instance using model checking.

The GROOVE tool set includes an editor for creating graph production rules, a simulator for visually computing the graph transformations induced by a set of graph production rules, a generator for automatically exploring state spaces, and an imaging tool for converting graphs to images.

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Web Interface

This web interface gives access to the state space generation functionality of GROOVE. It allows you to generate the state space for a given grammar (set of graph production rules), and present the resulting state space in several formats.

You can obtain the state space of the predefined grammars, and you can upload your own grammars, and obtain their state spaces. When you request the state space in .xdot format, it is visualized using canviz in a html canvas in this page.

Note0: the file that you upload must have a suffix
Note1: the web interface will terminate a run of the GROOVE state space generator when it has consumed more than the allowed resources.