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This page gives an overview of your puptol tool invocations (if any).
Click a hyperlink in the tool column to revisit settings and result of an earlier tool invocation.
For a tool invocation that is still running, clicking the hyperlink will bring you to a page that is being updated as results are obtained.
NOTE: this page does not automatically refresh; use the reload button of your browser to refresh it.

no tool invocations to list

Your session has the following identification: 8a8ed823f146a0061d9a1b571301f790
It expires after 1h0m0s idle time, i.e. (unless you do anything in this session) it will expire on: 2018-07-17 07:06:45.517785385 +0200 CEST.

To refer to this session from elsewhere, use the following link (this link works until your session expires).
Loading that link elsewhere has the side-effect of making this session the current one, also there (i.e. elsewhere).

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