Workplan Task D: Integrated Tool Support

Formal methods will only be used when they are supported by tools. As this project will use a large number of methods, it is also likely that a large number of tools will be necessary as well. This task is responsible for developing an integrated workbench of tools, in order to avoid steep learning curves of yet another method or yet another tool.

Ultimately, we want to develop a workbench that gives tools

The first semester activities will mainly focus on
Univ Twente CWI  TI-CO Other 
LOTOS toolset muCRL toolset  Testbed Tools Spin (Bell labs) 
Heer Hugo Caesar/Aldebaran
Later-on during the project, work on the transformation of models from one formalism into another, defining a common format, and defining common functions based on that common format can start. This allows for semantic relevant operations on the workbench-level.

Task D activities will be jointly performed by CWI, UnivTwente, and TI-CO.

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