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TorX Test Tool Information
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torx-hostname(1) - print hostname taken from network database

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torx-hostname - print hostname taken from network database




torx-hostname prints the result of
gethostbyaddr( gethostbyname( hostname() ), AF_INET )
Rephrased: it prints the name of the current host, as seen by the networking code.

torx-hostname is invoked by adaptor(1) to get the name of the current host, when an ADDRESS entry in a torx-config(4) configuration file contains the special host name currenthost. See the first example in torx-config(4).

This ugly hack is there, to avoid problems when we run torx in cygwin under windows, where the normal hostname(1) and uname(1) (when invoked with the -n option) commands return the hostname as set under windows, which may have no relation whatsoever with the current (networking) host name.

Essentially, this command is only there to make the conference protocol example work.

See Also

torx-intro(1), adaptor(1), torx(1), torx-config(4), hostname(1), uname(1)


If, in the adaptor(1) and the encoding/decoding rules and configuration, we would use IP addresses instead of host names to identify machines, we would not have this problem.


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This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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