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Greff, K. and van Damme, R.M.J. and Koutnik, J. and Broersma, H.J. and Mikhal, J. and Lawrence, C.P. and van der Wiel, W.G. and Schmidhuber, J. (2017) Using neural networks to predict the functionality of reconfigurable nano-material networks. International journal on advances in intelligent systems, 9 (3&4). pp. 339-351. ISSN 1942-2679

Kumar, Rajesh and Stoelinga, M.I.A. (2017) Quantitative security and safety analysis with attack-fault trees. In: Proceeding of the 18th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering, 12-14 Jan 2017, Singapore. IEEE Computer Society.

Ruijters, E.J.J. and Schivo, S. and Stoelinga, M.I.A. and Rensink, A. (2017) Uniform analysis of fault trees through model transformations. In: Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Reliabliity and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS 2017), 23-26 Jan 2017, Orlando, FL, USA. IEEE Reliability Society.