Completed Projects

Completed projects in which FMT participated are listed below. Lists of current projects and upcoming projects are available too.

ADHOC: Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems using Optimal Control
AiSHA: Abstraction in Stochastic and Hybrid process Algebra
AMETIST: Advanced Methods for Timed Systems
AOSD: Aspect-Oriented Software Development
ARTIST2: Advanced Real-Time Systems 2
ATOMYSTE: Atom splitting in embedded Systems testing
CASH: Compositional Analysis and Specification of Hybrid Systems
Côte de Resyste: Conformance Testing for Reactive Systems
DARTS: Design and Analysis of Robust Timed Systems
EC-MOAN: Escherichia Coli - Modeling and Analysis
GRAIL: Graphs for Abstract Interpretation of Languages
GRASLAND: Graphs for Software Language Definition
GROOVE: Graphs for Object-Oriented Verification
HaaST: Verification of Hard and Softly Timed Systems
HYCON: Hybrid Control
MC=MC: Model Checking Infinite-State Markov Chains
MCMC: Multi-Core Model Checking
MOCA: Modelling Control Aspects of Embedded Systems
MOQS: Modeling and Analysis of QoS for Component-Based Designs
QUPES: Verifying Quantitative Properties of Embedded Software
SPACE: Specification-based Performability Checking
STRESS: Systematic Testing of Real-time Software Systems
TANGRAM: Model-based integration and testing of complex high-tech products
VeriGEM: A Verification Grid for Enhanced Model Checking
Vernieuwingsimpuls: Stochastic model checking
VOSS II: Validation of Stochastic Systems II

European funding

CARP: Correct and Efficient Accelerator Programming
CHARTER: Critical and High Assurance Requirements Transformed through Engineering Rigour
INESS: INtegrated European Signalling System
NASCENCE: NAnoSCale Engineering for Novel Computation using Evolution
QUASIMODO: Quantitative System Properties in Model-Driven-Design of Embedded Systems
ROCKS: RigorOus dependability analysis using model ChecKing techniques for Stochastic systems
SENSATION: Self Energy-Supporting Autonomous Computation
TREsPASS: Technology-supported Risk Estimation by Predictive Assessment of Socio-technical Security
VerCors: Verification of Concurrent Data Structures

National funding

ArRangeer: smARt RAilroad maintenance eNGinEERing with stochastic model checking
ENOFES: Energy Optimization Framework For Embedded Systems
MaDriD: Multicore Decision Diagrams
SamSam: An integral SAfety / Security Analysis fraMework
SlaLoM: Security by Logic for Multithreaded applications
SYRUP: SYmbolic RedUction of Probabilistic Models
VOCHS: Verification of Complex Hierarchical Systems

University funding

Functional Languages for Databases
Orchestrating Similar Stream Processing Jobs to Merge Equivalent Subjobs